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Before beginning, please check here to see if the type of license you need is eligible for online application, the fee for the license, and whether you must also submit an online addendum form .

NOTICE: Applicants ages 17 to 69 years must be fingerprinted at a Commission Licensing office or be fingerprinted on a FBI card at a local law enforcement office. If submitting a completed FBI fingerprint card you must first register the completed card before sending it to the Commission. Follow these instructions to register your fingerprint card.

Applying for an Owner or Trainer License?
Online applications are usually processed within 24 hours, but the time varies due to holidays and week-ends.  
If you have an animal entered in a race within 72 hours, DO NOT SUBMIT A NEW OR RENEWAL APPLICATION ONLINE. Contact a Licensing Office for immediate assistance. 

(example - Owner, Trainer, Mutuel Clerk, Association Employee)

(example - Multiple Owner/Partnership/Stable, Kennel)

Page updated: 10/18/21