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Training Facilities

Carolyn Dodwell, General Manager
4509 Diamond D Road
Lone Oak, Texas 75453
Phone: 1-903-662-5111
FAX: 1-903-662-5676

Royce Roberts, General Manager
CR 412 South
Tyler, Texas 75704
Phone: 1-903-881-0180
FAX: 1-903-881-0445

To ensure fitness, every horse must have at least two published workouts in the 60-day period before a race date. These "official workouts" can be obtained at any operating pari-mutuel horse racetrack.

The Commission also licenses training facilities to provide official workouts. A licensed training facility must provide a racing surface and equipment that complies with Commission rules (Chapter 313. Subchapter E) and ensure the workouts are conducted honestly and accurately.

A training facility that conducts official workouts must record those workouts on a form, which is sent to the Commission. In addition, information about the workouts are transmitted to the official past performance publisher and every pari-mutuel horse racetrack in Texas that is either currently conducting a live race meet for that breed or will begin a live race meet for the breed within 45 days.


Page updated: 11/18/16