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Industry Links

Industry Links

These links will often lead outside the TxRC webpage and as such we are not responsible for any of the information you may find there.

You can identify the web page you are on by the URL (universal resource locator). If you are in the TxRC's page the URL will start with http://www.txrc.texas.gov

We hope the links presented here are useful. Please email the webmaster with any suggestions.

The Racing Industry

Breed Registries | The Texas Bred Program | Horsemen's Organizations | Licensed Training Facilities

Related Organizations & Websites

  American Greyhound Council | National Greyhound Association

Greyhound Adoption
  Greyhound Pets of America | Greyhounds Unlimited

Horse Breed Related Sites
  American Paint Horse Association | American Quarter Horse Association| The Arabian Jockey Club | Jockey Club | National Thoroughbred Racing Association

Race Horse Adoption
  LoneStar Outreach to Place Ex-Racers LOPE

National Regulatory Association
  Association of Racing Commissioners International

Steward/Judge Accreditation/Education
  University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program

Page updated: 10/29/21