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Trainer's Test

Trainer’s tests are only administered during a live meet.   If you have questions about the 2020 Testing Schedule please contact the Stewards office, Licensing office, or the Texas Horsemen's Partnership office at any racetrack.

Applicants are encouraged to study the Texas Racing Commission Rules of Racing, Chapter 307 – Subchapter C - all, Chapter 311 – all, Chapter 313 – all, Chapter 319, and the Practical Exam Study Guide before making an appointment.
Appointments to take both the written and practical tests are scheduled and coordinated through the TXRC Licensing office in conjunction with the Board of Stewards. You may obtain a copy of the Texas Racing Commission Rules of Racing and the Horse Trainer Study Guide from the THP at any Texas racetrack or at the TXRC website http://www.txrc.state.tx.us.

  • You must obtain TXRC R-20 “Trainers Examination Approval” form from the THP office. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the “Trainers Examination Approval” form for each step of the testing process. You must then contact the TXRC Licensing office to schedule the written.

  • You must provide proof of identity. (Example: Drivers license, social security card, current TXRC badge.)

STEP 1:  TEXAS HORSEMEN’S PARTNERSHIP (THP) ORIENTATION – Prior to testing, a brief orientation will be provided by the THP for individuals wanting to take the trainer's test.  The orientation provides general education and information on what it means to be a trainer.
STEP 2:  STEWARDS’/JUDGES’ ORAL INTERVIEW – The individual must contact the Stewards’/Judges’ office to schedule an interview.
STEP 3:  TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION– During the Stewards’/Judges’ oral interview the individual must provide two written statements from a current licensee as to the character and qualifications of the applicant.
STEP 4:  WRITTEN TEST – You must pay a $50 fee when you schedule an appointment to take the written exam. If you pass the written test you may take the practical test. If you fail the written test, you must wait to retest for at least 90 days. Examinations will be scored by the Austin office and the test results will be sent to the field office generally within 5 business days. The test is comprised of multiple choice, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false questions, as well as diagrams of equine anatomy and identification of equine diseases or conditions.

STEP 5:  PRACTICAL TEST – The practical test is the last part of the trainer exam. You must request a test date from the THP. The practical test is administered at each live meet by a panel of Commission Stewards, Commission Veterinarians, and licensed trainers. If you pass the practical test, take the R-20 “Trainer Examination Approval” application with all the appropriate signatures and the foal papers to a racing office to open a trainer file. If you fail the practical test, the Commission will not schedule another test for six months. If you fail the practical test twice in one 365 day period, the Commission will not schedule another test for one year. The practical test will be scored by the panel and results will be released the same or next business day.

STEP 6:  OPEN A TRAINER FILE – When you pass all tests, you must open a trainer’s file in the racing office by filing foal papers on the horse(s) you will be training. This must be done before you can apply for a trainer’s license.  This step only applies to trainer licenses.  An assistant trainer is not required to open a trainer’s file.

STEP 7:  LICENSING OFFICE – Return the TXRC form R-20 “Trainer Examination Approval” form with all official signatures to the licensing office as well as a completed license application to apply for a trainer type license.


Page updated: 5/4/21