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Customer Service Survey

Every two years, the Commission conducts a survey of its customers, as required by Texas Government Code, Chapter 2114. The results of that survey are published in a report which is distributed to the Governor's Office of Budget Planning and Policy and the Legislative Budget Board.

Please complete the online Customer Service Survey.  If you prefer, you may print or save a pdf copy of the survey and submit it via email, mail or fax.

Your participation is very important to us as it will help us serve you better. This survey does not collect identifying information, so your identity remains anonymous. 


Please refer to the agency's Privacy and Security Policy when submitting information to the agency.

The Commission investigates each complaint filed with the agency that alleges a Commission licensee or employee has violated a Commission rule. It is preferred that complaints be filed on the complaint form prescribed by the Commission. A complaint that is not on a Commission form may not be resolved as quickly. In completing the form, be as specific as possible regarding the licensee's conduct and include the rule number the licensee has allegedly violated.

Although a complaint may be filed anonymously, you may not learn the outcome of the complaint if you do not include your name and address. By law, the Commission is required to keep a complainant informed of the status of the complaint investigation.

To obtain a complaint form:

Click here to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat. Get Acrobat Reader

After receiving a complaint, the Commission Staff will investigate to determine whether a violation occurred. If the Staff determines a violation has occurred, the complaint will either be referred to the stewards or racing judges at the appropriate racetrack or the Staff will institute an original disciplinary proceeding at the Commission level.



Page updated: 4/28/20