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Agency FAQs

...about the Web Page

  • How do I get Adobe Acrobat? How do I load Adobe Acrobat?
    See the explanation page for using Adobe Acrobat.

...about the Racing Commission

  • Where can I get licensed?
    See the Occupational Licensing Department's page.
  • When is the next Commission meeting? What's on the Agenda?
    See the posting of the Agenda.
  • How do I get an item placed on the agenda?
    To request that an item be placed on the agenda for a Commission meeting, a person should make the request in writing to the Executive Director. The request must be received by the Executive Director not later than 14 days before the date of the meeting. The requester must include an original and one copy of any written materials that the requester wants the Commission to consider. Pursuant to Texas Racing Commission Rule §303.4(e), the chair of the Commission determines if the item is placed on the agenda.
  • As a HUB, how do I do business with the Racing Commission?
    Please refer to the Hubs Doing Business with the State.

...about the Texas Racing Industry

  • Where are the racetracks in Texas? When are they open?
    Check the Racetracks page for locations and information on live race dates.
  • How old do you have to be to place a wager on a horse or greyhound race?
    You must be 21 to place a wager on a horse or greyhound race. See Racing Act, Section 2027.101.
  • Can anyone own a race horse or a racing greyhound?
    Yes, however you must be licensed before participating in pari-mutuel racing in Texas. See Occupational Licensing for more information and requirements
  • How can I adopt a retired racing greyhound or race horse?
    There are several web pages about adopting a greyhound. Check this page on the American Greyhound Track Operators Association for a great summary of what is involved. Gulf Greyhound also has good information about adopting greyhounds with contact information.
    For horses there is basic information and a contact from Sam Houston Race Park.


Page updated: 4/3/19