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Although reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that electronic information on the Texas Racing Commission (TxRC) website is complete, accurate, and timely, TxRC does not represent that the information is complete, accurate and timely in all instances. TxRC assumes no responsibility for the use of the information provided.

Unless otherwise noted on an individual document, file, web page or other web site item, TxRC grants permission to copy and distribute the information for non-commercial use, as long as the content remains unaltered.

TxRC specifically disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that may result from providing the website or the information it contains, including any websites maintained by third parties and linked to the TxRC website. TxRC makes no effort to independently verify, and does not exert editorial control over, information on pages outside of the "txrc.state.tx.us" domain.









Page updated: 9/18/08